Groom Speeches – How To Write A Great Wedding Toast

Normally when a couple is getting married there are only a couple of things that the groom himself has to be concerned with before the big day happens. One of the most important things that needs to be dealt with for them is the writing of a speech. However for many guys writing groom speeches can prove difficult as they aren’t used to speaking about how they feel in public.

If you are having issues when it comes to how to write a great wedding toast on your big day we offer some tips below you may find useful.

Tip 1 – Are You Speaking For Just Yourself or as The Couple?
Before you begin to write your speech as the groom find out if your wife to be is happy for you to make the speech on behalf of you both or if she would like to make her own. Normally at a wedding the father of the bride and the best man will make speeches but don’t forget to ask the maid of honor wishes to make one as well.

Tip 2 –As In Any Other Speech The Key is to Know Your Audience
When it comes to the writing of the groom’s speech take into consideration the type of people that have been invited to your wedding. You don’t want to include anything within the groom speeches that may cause offence or embarrassment to any of your guests and especially your bride. If at all concerned about what to include in your speech then it is best to play safe and leave it out.

Tip 3 – The 3 P’s – Passion, Preparation and Practice
Don’t attempt to try and do so from scratch as you have enough on your plate already getting other aspects of the wedding organized. But having said that you shouldn’t waste your time surfing the internet looking for free groom speeches as these tend to be a load of rubbish and you bride and guests deserve better than that.

Tip 4 – Thank All The Proper People
If you will be making a speech on behalf of yourself and the bride then make sure the speech you give begins with “My Wife and I”. Then you should immediately go into thanking her father for his speech plus her mother if she gave a speech also. Remember to make sure that you acknowledge what has been said by them. Unfortunately you are unlikely to be able to see what your beautiful bride’s father is going to say in his speech beforehand so when making reference to it you will have to make something up.

Make sure that of course when writing your groom speeches that you thank all those who were involved in helping to get the wedding organized. Plus of course remember to thank all those who have been invited and attended for them making the effort, not forgetting to thank them for their gifts. Plus don’t forget to thank the bride for agreeing to become your wife and tell her how wonderful she looks.

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