Funny Wedding Speeches – Why Humor Creates A Great Wedding Toast

A wedding is a very wonderful occasion that will fill all those attending it with memories that they can enjoy for years to come.    However for some it can prove quite a stressful time especially if they have been asked to give a speech.    Of course by writing a funny wedding speech it can help to alleviate some of the pressure felt and provide guests with something even more memorable to remember.

Of course before you go ahead and start writing your funny wedding speech there are certain things that you need to consider.   Below we take a look at just what some of these are.

Consideration 1 – It is important before you start to write your speech that you find out if those attending the wedding will appreciate you giving a funny wedding toast.   Yes this is a time of fun and enjoyment but some people see the wedding toasts as being something solemn and important.

Consideration 2 – Make sure that if you are going to be writing a funny wedding speech that what you include won’t cause embarrassment to anyone who happens to be attending the wedding.  Certainly if you are the best man and begin to make funny remarks regarding the maid of honour and the bridesmaids this could soon leave a sour taste in everybody’s mouth especially if you were dating any of them.

Consideration 3 – When it comes to using humor in your wedding toast make sure that you actually write a couple of different ones and then decide which one will work best with the people who have been invited to it.   Then before the big day arrives it is a good idea to recite each one so you can get an even better feel for which one is going to work on the day.
So what reasons are there for you to incorporate humor into a wedding speech?

Well first off it can bring a little more fun to what so far has been a very serious affair with the couple saying their vows.   Plus using funny wedding speeches can help to actually feel the guests at the reception feel more comfortable.   As a result of this they will feel able to enjoy the reception that has been laid on for them a great deal more.

Okay adding humor to your wedding speech may make you look somewhat goofy to those that really know you.   However if you convey the humor in the correct way then this will enable you to get the attention of everyone in the room and as a result you will start to feel more confident and comfortable when giving your speech.   This in turn will mean that you end up giving a much clearer and stronger speech to your guests.

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