3 Keys To The Perfect Wedding Speech – How To Write A Memorable Toast

Your best friend has asked you to be best man at his wedding and of course there is one thing that you will need to do and that is to give a speech.   However for many people writing the perfect wedding speech can prove difficult.   However we hope that the 3 keys to the perfect wedding speech that we offer below will help you to in fact write one that is memorable.

1. You Need To Be Prepared

When it comes to writing a wedding speech you should start work on it at least 3 weeks before the big day.   To give yourself a head start think about the bride and grooms relationship and make notes in relation to how they met, what made the realize that they wanted to be together and what it is about them that makes their relationship so special.   Use the answers to these as basis of your speech.

If you aren’t very apt at writing speeches there are plenty of places online that can offer advice or provide step by step instructions on how to write one.

2. Practice Makes Perfect

As soon as you have your speech written down then you need to start practicing what it is you are going to say.   It is a good idea to stand in front of a mirror as you practice your wedding speech this will help you to gain the confidence to then speak in front of a group of people.   If at all possible attempt to memorize your speech so you don’t have to stand there looking uncomfortable holding a piece of paper.   However if you cannot remember it all just jot down notes that you can use to jog your memory.   By standing up directly in front of the people will give you more of a presence and will grab their attention better and so they will be happier to listen to what you have to say.

I would say that of all the 3 keys to the perfect wedding speech we provide in this article this I would consider to be one of the most important.

3. Know Who The Audience Is

Generally when attending a wedding you will know most of the guests attending and of course you will also care about them.   However you still need to be careful about what you say and how it is said.   Avoid using language that is inappropriate and do not recall tales regarding the groom that could actually cause great embarrassment not only to them but also to the bride.   Also it is crucial when you are writing a speech to inject some humour however avoid including anything funny relating to past relationships.

Above we have taken a look at what we are the 3 keys to the perfect wedding speech.   If you keep in mind what we have discussed above then not only the bride and groom will enjoy what you have to say so will all the other guests.


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