Funny Wedding Speeches – Why Humor Creates A Great Wedding Toast

A wedding is a very wonderful occasion that will fill all those attending it with memories that they can enjoy for years to come.    However for some it can prove quite a stressful time especially if they have been asked to give a speech.    Of course by writing a funny wedding speech it can help to alleviate some of the pressure felt and provide guests with something even more memorable to remember.

Of course before you go ahead and start writing your funny wedding speech there are certain things that you need to consider.   Below we take a look at just what some of these are.

Consideration 1 – It is important before you start to write your speech that you find out if those attending the wedding will appreciate you giving a funny wedding toast.   Yes this is a time of fun and enjoyment but some people see the wedding toasts as being something solemn and important.

Consideration 2 – Make sure that if you are going to be writing a funny wedding speech that what you include won’t cause embarrassment to anyone who happens to be attending the wedding.  Certainly if you are the best man and begin to make funny remarks regarding the maid of honour and the bridesmaids this could soon leave a sour taste in everybody’s mouth especially if you were dating any of them.

Consideration 3 – When it comes to using humor in your wedding toast make sure that you actually write a couple of different ones and then decide which one will work best with the people who have been invited to it.   Then before the big day arrives it is a good idea to recite each one so you can get an even better feel for which one is going to work on the day.
So what reasons are there for you to incorporate humor into a wedding speech?

Well first off it can bring a little more fun to what so far has been a very serious affair with the couple saying their vows.   Plus using funny wedding speeches can help to actually feel the guests at the reception feel more comfortable.   As a result of this they will feel able to enjoy the reception that has been laid on for them a great deal more.

Okay adding humor to your wedding speech may make you look somewhat goofy to those that really know you.   However if you convey the humor in the correct way then this will enable you to get the attention of everyone in the room and as a result you will start to feel more confident and comfortable when giving your speech.   This in turn will mean that you end up giving a much clearer and stronger speech to your guests.

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3 Keys To The Perfect Wedding Speech – How To Write A Memorable Toast

Your best friend has asked you to be best man at his wedding and of course there is one thing that you will need to do and that is to give a speech.   However for many people writing the perfect wedding speech can prove difficult.   However we hope that the 3 keys to the perfect wedding speech that we offer below will help you to in fact write one that is memorable.

1. You Need To Be Prepared

When it comes to writing a wedding speech you should start work on it at least 3 weeks before the big day.   To give yourself a head start think about the bride and grooms relationship and make notes in relation to how they met, what made the realize that they wanted to be together and what it is about them that makes their relationship so special.   Use the answers to these as basis of your speech.

If you aren’t very apt at writing speeches there are plenty of places online that can offer advice or provide step by step instructions on how to write one.

2. Practice Makes Perfect

As soon as you have your speech written down then you need to start practicing what it is you are going to say.   It is a good idea to stand in front of a mirror as you practice your wedding speech this will help you to gain the confidence to then speak in front of a group of people.   If at all possible attempt to memorize your speech so you don’t have to stand there looking uncomfortable holding a piece of paper.   However if you cannot remember it all just jot down notes that you can use to jog your memory.   By standing up directly in front of the people will give you more of a presence and will grab their attention better and so they will be happier to listen to what you have to say.

I would say that of all the 3 keys to the perfect wedding speech we provide in this article this I would consider to be one of the most important.

3. Know Who The Audience Is

Generally when attending a wedding you will know most of the guests attending and of course you will also care about them.   However you still need to be careful about what you say and how it is said.   Avoid using language that is inappropriate and do not recall tales regarding the groom that could actually cause great embarrassment not only to them but also to the bride.   Also it is crucial when you are writing a speech to inject some humour however avoid including anything funny relating to past relationships.

Above we have taken a look at what we are the 3 keys to the perfect wedding speech.   If you keep in mind what we have discussed above then not only the bride and groom will enjoy what you have to say so will all the other guests.


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Best Man Speeches – How To Write A Great Wedding Toast

It is a very great honor to be asked by your best friend to act as best man at their wedding.   You will be faced with a number of duties and responsibilities on the day none more important than the giving of a speech.    If you have never had to write any kind of best man speeches before it can turn out to be somewhat daunting so below we offer some tips you may find useful on how to write a great wedding toast.

Tip 1 – Find a Way To Stay Calm
When the time comes your speech to be given remember there is going to be a large number of people in front of you who will be listening carefully to what you say.   You will be under a great deal of pressure to make sure that you give a speech that everyone at the wedding reception including the bride and groom will never forget.   Also you need to remember that this is a very happy occasion where everyone is out to have fun.   Remain calm and certainly don’t try to put too much pressure on yourself.

Tip 2- Have Fun With Your Speech
Remember a wedding is something to be rejoiced at.  Yes there are going to be times during your speech when you need to be serious but make sure that you liven it up a little by including some jokes or one liners.   Doing this will help to make it more entertaining for your audience and of course will allow you to have a little more fun writing best man speeches.   Also you may find that adding jokes or one liners takes some pressure off of you.

Tip 3 – Thank Your Host
When it comes to giving your speech remember to make sure that you thank the host for the wedding that they have provided you and the other guests with.   In most cases this tends to be the parents of the bride.  If however it is the bride and groom that paid for it all then don’t forget to thank them as well as congratulate them on their wedding.

Tip 4 – Keep It Short
Those who will be attending the reception are out to have a good time in order to celebrate what is a very special day for your friend and his new wife.   So avoid making your best man speech too long but instead keep them short and simple.   Short and simple best man speeches will go down a lot better with the guests a lot better and will mean you won’t have to be the centre of attention for too long.

When it comes to the actual giving of best man speeches it can not only exciting but also somewhat nerve wracking.   If you follow the tips offered above then it will help to ensure that you give a much calmer speech that the bride and groom along with all the other guests will remember for years to come.

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Bride Speeches – How To Write A Great Wedding Toast

Are you as the bride feeling a little nervous about having to write a speech for your special day? Of course you are excited however you still feel that you don’t have the ability to write the perfect wedding speech. Well let me tell you it is very easy indeed when it comes to the writing of bride speeches. Below we offer some tips below you may find useful when it comes to knowing how to write a great wedding toast for your special day.

Tip 1 – Keep Your Speech Short (always leave them wanting more, not wishing for less)
When it comes to you writing your speech make sure that you keep it as short and simple as you possibly can. When composing yours make sure that you use conversational English as it will allow you to write faster plus you are going to be able to draw the attention of those listening better.

Tip 2 – Develop a Single Theme To Make It Memorable
Use one single theme for your speech and make sure that stick with this right until it has been completed. Using a single theme will help you to make sure that you keep yours short and simple. Plus as you give your speech keeping it to just one theme will ensure that it sounds more coherent and cohesive.

Tip 3 – Begin With A Simple Rough Draft
Always write a rough draft when it comes to bride speeches first. This will allow you to let the words flow more freely and create a more personal kind of speech. Once you have done the initial draft of your speech then you are ready to begin editing it. If you aren’t at all happy with the editing aspect then you can always ask someone close to help you with this stage.

Tip 4 – Use Descriptive Words
It is important that you use descriptive words within your speech when writing it. The main of this is actually to help you engage the imaginations of those who are listening to what you have to say. Plus the more descriptive your bride speech is then the more colourful and fun it will be to listen to.

Tip 5 – Keep It Simple – The Secret To Great Communication
Avoid using fancy words when it comes to write bride speeches. If you do use words that you are only likely to find in a dictionary then you could soon alienate your audience. It is important to remember that not all of your audience have received the same education as you have. So make sure that all times you keep to using simple words that you would regularly use when speaking to others on a normal basis.

Above we have offered a few tips when it comes to you having to write your bride speeches for your big day. If you keep these in mind then you will have been able to create one that your guests will remember for years to come and you may find friends asking you how to write a great wedding toast.

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Groom Speeches – How To Write A Great Wedding Toast

Normally when a couple is getting married there are only a couple of things that the groom himself has to be concerned with before the big day happens. One of the most important things that needs to be dealt with for them is the writing of a speech. However for many guys writing groom speeches can prove difficult as they aren’t used to speaking about how they feel in public.

If you are having issues when it comes to how to write a great wedding toast on your big day we offer some tips below you may find useful.

Tip 1 – Are You Speaking For Just Yourself or as The Couple?
Before you begin to write your speech as the groom find out if your wife to be is happy for you to make the speech on behalf of you both or if she would like to make her own. Normally at a wedding the father of the bride and the best man will make speeches but don’t forget to ask the maid of honor wishes to make one as well.

Tip 2 –As In Any Other Speech The Key is to Know Your Audience
When it comes to the writing of the groom’s speech take into consideration the type of people that have been invited to your wedding. You don’t want to include anything within the groom speeches that may cause offence or embarrassment to any of your guests and especially your bride. If at all concerned about what to include in your speech then it is best to play safe and leave it out.

Tip 3 – The 3 P’s – Passion, Preparation and Practice
Don’t attempt to try and do so from scratch as you have enough on your plate already getting other aspects of the wedding organized. But having said that you shouldn’t waste your time surfing the internet looking for free groom speeches as these tend to be a load of rubbish and you bride and guests deserve better than that.

Tip 4 – Thank All The Proper People
If you will be making a speech on behalf of yourself and the bride then make sure the speech you give begins with “My Wife and I”. Then you should immediately go into thanking her father for his speech plus her mother if she gave a speech also. Remember to make sure that you acknowledge what has been said by them. Unfortunately you are unlikely to be able to see what your beautiful bride’s father is going to say in his speech beforehand so when making reference to it you will have to make something up.

Make sure that of course when writing your groom speeches that you thank all those who were involved in helping to get the wedding organized. Plus of course remember to thank all those who have been invited and attended for them making the effort, not forgetting to thank them for their gifts. Plus don’t forget to thank the bride for agreeing to become your wife and tell her how wonderful she looks.

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